Friday, 2 January 2009

POPCAST # 7 - A brand new year!

It's funny how much a new year gives people that feeling that it is time to re-start, it's a new chance to make things right, to go back to all the last year's resolutions that were never accomplished... Maybe it's just me, but yeah, I like the idea that the start of a new year will, somehow, make everything better.

Popcast # 7 is for that- for a new start.

The tracklist is:

Let's whisper - A wonderful year
Acid house kings - Start anew
Love dance - Start of something
Daniel Johnston - My Life Is Starting Over Again
Camera obscura - Happy new year
Math The Band - A Spirited Beginning
Kickstand - New Year's Day
My Darling You! - New Year's Eve
Clag - Fresh
The ladybug transistor - Splendor in the grass
The Big picture - A good start
The Pooh Sticks - Let the Good Times Roll
Urusei Yatsura - First Day On A New Planet

You can download the file here.

Happy new year! x


Danii said...

Hi, im from Argentina. Love yr blog.
Love popcast.
Love yr .... mmm--- graphics?

sorry 4 my bad english... :)


be cool.


Danii said...


Una noche en el Navaho said...

Just found your wonderful popish blog!! Great popcasts. Keep going Camila, and :) from Spain

Glenn G said...

Link doesn't work anymore '(