Tuesday, 26 August 2008

POPCAST # 4 - One man band

The tittle says it all for this one - Popcast number four: The one man band mix.

The tracklist is:

Colin Clary - Every little van
Benji Cossa - April
Michael Barrett - Yesterday and today
Rose Melberg - I will
1996 - Imovie
Tafra - Oh daniel
Megamoog - Love, love!
Darren Hanlon - Punk's not dead
Desmond Reed - The best part
Nat Johnson - Judy's first beat
Pete Green - Best british band supported by shockwaves
Blackberry Wine - Morning breaks me
Laura Watling - Same
Anthony Atkinson - Half an hour in the afternoon
Jacob Borshard - Vincent and theo
The Get-Arounds - I can't be your Friend
All of a sudden - Friend in need
Adam Green - Tropical Island
Jellybean! - I hate vegetables
Agent Simple - Brother
The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Long long long division
A boy named Thor - Pacemaker
Sunny Intervals - Falling by the side
Kimya Dawson - Tire swing
Fránçois - Hold on
Calvin Johnson - Deliverance
Sealove - Summertime

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

You're oh so sensitive!!!

The just joans have a brand new video for the tittle track of their last ep, "hey boy,you're oh so sensitive":

And from the same creators, here's a live footage of Let's whisper playing "open road" at the train platform late at night at Indietracks, with some clips of the whole festival awesomeness.

It makes me wish it was Indietracks all over again.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The motifs on 12" vinyl

The Australian label Knock Yr Socks Off records ventured into its first full length vinyl release, and after a couple of problems here and there with the pressing plant, "Cross Paths" by the Motifs is finally out and it's amazing!

Adding up to 40 minutes of dream-like delicate songs, the record compiles some of the Motifs' best songs out of their previous releases - Dots (on Music Is My Girlfriend, now sold out) Away ( on Lost In Found Records) and Matches (on WeePOP!, also sold out), as well as a few brand new songs.

The LPs come in beautifully hand made sleeves, individually painted by Alexis herself, and is limited to only 200 copies.

Order it from Knock Yr Socks Off records.
Visit The Motifs on myspace.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

POPCAST # 3 - Wired love

Woot!! Time for another popcast!

Falling in love with somebody you met online, programming languages, love signals thru circuit boards, passwords, ex boyfriends emails, computer servers, social networks…

This might be the geekiest mix I ever put together. I love it. Great songs and some very amusing lyrics.

The tracklist is:

The Electric Pop Group - Popgirly
The Hot Toddies - HTML
Darren Hayman - 8 bit world
The Superfantastics - The only one I C++ is U++
MJ Hibbett & The Validators - It only works because you're here
Allo, Darlin' - Oh no! Another email from you!
My Little Airport - I don't Know how to download good Av like Iris does
Antarctica Takes It! - Circuits
Desmond Reed - Who I'd Like To Meet
Showdown At The Equator - EmailU
Barcelona – I have the password to Your shell account

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it! x

Sunday, 3 August 2008


After two weeks touring the uk, the smittens are heading back to Vermont, and leaving us with that “I want more” feeling you get after a great show.

Luckily, they also left a bunch of copies of their brand new album – The coolest thing about love, out now on HHBTM. It had been in the making for a long time, but it was well worth the wait! The band’s third album, and possibly the best so far, features 14 songs of incredibly catchy, sugar sweet bubblegum indiepop.

The innocence and simplicity of the lyrics, quite often about being love, out of love and the things they enjoy, fear or worry about in life, combined with those alternating (and sometimes overlapping) vocals I love so much and their choice of instrumentation totally made it for me.

A few weeks ago I posted about the their cover version of “my boyfriend’s back” that came out on the 7” split with tullycraft and what excited me the most about the cover was that it still sounded somewhat like a 60’s girl pop song, but with modern elements that only made it better. Listening to the new album, I realized that a lot of the smittens own songs are like that – they’re filled with 60s influences and yet sound new and refreshing.

One of my favourite songs in it is the cute bittersweet tale of a lost summer love “half my heart beats”, which you can listen here.

Order the Coolest thing about love on HHBM.
Visit The smittens website, or stream their music onmyspace.
Watch the video for gumdrops.