Saturday, 6 December 2008

Label of the week: Magic marker

Following that last popcast, which was entirely dedicated to weepop! records, I decided to start a "label of week" thing, and talk a bit about my favourite labels that are around at the moment.

I was mulling over which label i should start with, there's so many i love for different reasons, and i couldn't just choose a single one, but then tullycraft came on my ipod, and being one of my favourite bands ever, it settled the matter - I decided to start with the label that has been their home for a few years now - Magic marker records.

Magic marker started with a compilation callled "We can still be friends", almost 10 years ago. It featured tracks by kisswistle, tullycraft, the minders, lunchbox, ladybug transistor, kissing book and lots others, some of which released full lengths in the label later on.

Throughout the years, they put out stuff by lots of bands i love, like dear nora, the galactic heroes, benji cossa, kissing book, the best friends group, walker kong, the gazetteers, etc; and I can say it's certainly one of those labels I trust to the point I'd gladly buy anything they put out, even if i had never listened to it before, just because I know I can count on it being good.

Their latest additon to the family was Mexico's Hello seahorse!, with the ep "Hoy A Las Ocho" that had been released online only up to now + 3 bonus tracks. I have just ordered it, along with a big compilation of rare songs by dear nora, which should be a very nice christmas present to myself.

They have at least one mp3 available as a free download for each release, here's a collection of some of my favourites:

Boycrazy - Stark street
Galactic heroes - Coffee and pastries
The best friends group - The free man
The gazeteers - Bedroom community
All girl summer fun band - Grass skirt
Walker kong - Battleship of Thieves
Benji Cossa - Knock out
Tullycraft - The punks are writing love songs
Dear nora - Make you smile
Hello seahorse! - Won't say anything

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Martin said...

Yeah this "label of the week" things sounds like a great idea!

magicmarker said...

hey thanks for this!