Sunday, 14 December 2008

Popcast #6 - Warm in the winter

As much as i love summertime and summer songs, i think winter is an underappreciated season. Winter's great! It's perfect for cuddles under the covers, mulled wine, snowball fights, snowmen, and any sort of snow fun, hot cholocate, and mittens.

Winter's great for playing pop songs, and dancing to them till you drop as well. This popcast is a tribute to wintertime and winter fun!

The tracklist is:
Dolly mixture - Winter seems fine
Aden - Snowy sidewalks
Horowitz - I need a blanket
The specefic heats - Winter fashions
The icicles - Snowman song
Aislers set Hit the snow
The Smittens - Jeans and mittens
The fairways - Winter song
Pas/cal - I wanna take you out on your holiday sweater
Land of ill earthquakes - Long winter
Spoilsport - Snowball
Snoozer - Winterclothes
Sambassadeur - Ice and snow
Tiny records - A picture of winter
Belle and sebastian - Winter wooskie
The Shermans - Snowsong
The Postmarks - Weather the weather
The grade grubbers - Snowman
Laura watling - Spend the winter with me
Your heart breaks - Warm in winter
Stiv Bators - It's cold outside
The tidy ups - Snow song
The mother z's - Sweater weather
Nixon - Snow day
Velcro stars - Another winter
The pinefox - Chocolate snow
Au revoir simone - Fallen snow

You can download the file here.

Enjoy! xx


Knut said...

Nice one! You really inspired me, so I might go and make a winter mix myself... Thanks for this!

How Marvellous... said...

loving it so far - I came for the dolly mixture track, saw you had Pas/cal & Au Revoir Simone, who I like & the rest is new to me I think.