Sunday, 25 January 2009

Aren't 223 songs enough?

Just back from a very nice afternoon at The hangover lounge, with a set of acoustic shows by The Vatican cellars, Amor de dias and Darren hayman. The whole things was great, the small, quiet room suited the first two bands really well and their performances were pretty striking.

And then it was Darren Hayman's turn. I remember being totally thrilled when i went to see him play for the first time, being a long time hefner fan and never having got to see them back in the day. But I have seen him plenty of times since then, and even though i was looking forward to it this afternoon, i wasn't making such a big deal out of it. But then, having him play to such a small group of people, while comfortably sitting on the couch, with the right of a sing-along to the "greedy ugly people"? That was really something.

Now, I have (what should be) more than enough Darren Hayman songs in my record collection. Apart from Pavement, Hefner's the only band who I ever bought album re-issues just because of all the extra stuff, even though I already owened a copy of the standar edition. In fact, I just had a look at my itunes library, and if I take all of Darren's projects into account, i have over 220 songs by him!!! But still, when he announced there's a new darren hayman and the secondary album out tomorrow, and that he had copies on him, I had to buy one.

I'm just having my very first listen now, and yeah, I guess 223 songs were still not enough!

You can find more info on the album (Pram Town) on and watch a video for the tittle track here.


-MUSIC- said...

I don't know much about Darren Hayman Songs but I search he's Caravan song in youtube and I love it I like he's voice..

lostinsushi said...

haha i have exactly the same feeling about hefner and darren look your itunes and you say, "woah, i have so many songs of them^^"

David said...

Have you also checked out that he released a four track vinyl 7 inch EP on p572 ( )?

It's limited to 600 copies and it's really good (moreover the p572 guys are pretty kind).