Tuesday, 5 August 2008

POPCAST # 3 - Wired love

Woot!! Time for another popcast!

Falling in love with somebody you met online, programming languages, love signals thru circuit boards, passwords, ex boyfriends emails, computer servers, social networks…

This might be the geekiest mix I ever put together. I love it. Great songs and some very amusing lyrics.

The tracklist is:

The Electric Pop Group - Popgirly
The Hot Toddies - HTML
Darren Hayman - 8 bit world
The Superfantastics - The only one I C++ is U++
MJ Hibbett & The Validators - It only works because you're here
Allo, Darlin' - Oh no! Another email from you!
My Little Airport - I don't Know how to download good Av like Iris does
Antarctica Takes It! - Circuits
Desmond Reed - Who I'd Like To Meet
Showdown At The Equator - EmailU
Barcelona – I have the password to Your shell account

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it! x


Spike said...

Lovely! Really enjoyed that popcast - thanks!

MickyS said...

Cheers! I'm nerdy enough to recognise myself in these songs.