Tuesday, 26 August 2008

POPCAST # 4 - One man band

The tittle says it all for this one - Popcast number four: The one man band mix.

The tracklist is:

Colin Clary - Every little van
Benji Cossa - April
Michael Barrett - Yesterday and today
Rose Melberg - I will
1996 - Imovie
Tafra - Oh daniel
Megamoog - Love, love!
Darren Hanlon - Punk's not dead
Desmond Reed - The best part
Nat Johnson - Judy's first beat
Pete Green - Best british band supported by shockwaves
Blackberry Wine - Morning breaks me
Laura Watling - Same
Anthony Atkinson - Half an hour in the afternoon
Jacob Borshard - Vincent and theo
The Get-Arounds - I can't be your Friend
All of a sudden - Friend in need
Adam Green - Tropical Island
Jellybean! - I hate vegetables
Agent Simple - Brother
The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Long long long division
A boy named Thor - Pacemaker
Sunny Intervals - Falling by the side
Kimya Dawson - Tire swing
Fránçois - Hold on
Calvin Johnson - Deliverance
Sealove - Summertime

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it!



Colin said...

i love that desmond reed song! yow!

Austin said...

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I've been listening to the popcast, and it's wonderful, which makes you wonderful as well.