Saturday, 12 July 2008

Allo Darlin Demos

Allo, darling is the Darlings’ new moniker, they had to change the band's name after a spooky email from another band with the same name.

Although they haven’t released anything under the new name yet, Elizabeth has been writing lots of new songs since their Photo ep (released on weepop late last year) and the best part is that she’s been recording them and making the demos available on her website.

There’s eight songs there now. They’re just lo-fi bedroom recordings of Elizabeth and her ukulele, but they sound really good. The lyrics, clever and quite often funny, go from sweet love songs to being uncertain of where life is going to take you, and annoying ex boyfriends.

My favourite is “Henry Rollins Don't Dance”, with its very amusing lyrics and upbeat melody, it might not make Henry Rollins dance, but it certainly made me!

Check Elizabeth’s website:
and the band’s myspace:

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