Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tullycraft and the Smittens together - can anything get any better than this?

I got home from work yesterday to find the third instalment of hhbtm singles waiting for me. It had been a while since the last batch and i was excited to get it, especially because that meant two brand new songs by two of my favourite bands ever.. in the same piece of lovely coloured vinyl! That is the Smittens and Tullycraft split.

Well, it turns out neither songs were really totally brand new, both bands recorded cover versions for the single, but they both managed to make old songs sound new, fresh and addictive.

The smittens'cover is the 60s-girl-group classic "My Boyfriend's back". After having listened to it about 5 times straight and thinking to myself that it's got to be the best cover version ever, i realized it's actually not that different to the original (which is a great song anyway), but while keeping all the goodness and cuteness of the 60s pop (hey las and handclaps to spare), they changed a lot of its feeling by alternating boy and girl vocals. Both Max Andrucki and Colin Clary have very distinctive voices and they work perfectly in this song. Oh, Im totally hooked!!!

And then there's Tullycraft... Tullycraft seems to love cover versions (we even made a whole podcast of "songs tullycraft have covered" back on not quite rocket science), and they generally manage to turn good songs into even better ones. No exception here: Their version of The Pooh Sticks' "on tape" is as catchy as it gets. Again, the song itself is actually not dramatically different to the original, but they changed a lot of the lyrics, and i kept smiling as i listened, because i can identify with most of the stuff they refer to in the song, and before i knew it, i was already singing along..

The single is part of hhbtm's singles club, and although i don't think it's sold separately, the whole collection has been great so far and there's still a few subscriptions available.

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