Sunday, 20 July 2008

POPCAST # 2 - Heartbreak

Hey there,

Welcome to Popcast #2, which collects songs about breakups and broken hearts.

And even though I think that when your heart is actually broken, the songs that really get to you are the sweet happy love ones, that's a different story… for another time maybe.

This time, the tracklist is:

The Field Mice - Anyone Else Isn't You
Snowbirds - Day after day
Let's Whisper - Snowy Sunday Afternoon
Michaelmas - Winter starts today
Jacob Borshard - My sweet sky line
Electrophönvintage - Break My Heart Again
The Icicles - Sunday Song
Math And Physics Club - Look At Us Now
The Electric Pop Group - She's Playing With Your Heart
Heavenly - Pet monkey
Shermans - Ever After
Brighter - Never Never
Miniskirt - Be Here With Me
Tiger trap - My broken heart
Roadside Poppies - Cycling and crying
Go sailor - I'm still crying
All of My Brother's Girlfriends - We're Through
Club 8 - I'm Lost Without You
Comet Gain - Don't Fall in Love if You Want to Die in Peace
The Field Mice - You're Kidding Aren't You
Magnetic fields - I Don't Want To Get Over You

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it! x


L said...

Positively lovely mix of tunes. Love it. Thanks so much for putting this together.

Ily said...

Cycling and that song.