Monday, 7 July 2008

POPCAST # 1 - Handclaps


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Clap, clap!!!

If there’s something that’s almost guaranteed to make me smile when I hear a song, that’s gotta be some handclaps. So, for the first ever “Bored to hear your heart still breaks popcast”, I collected some of my favourite handclapping songs.

The tracklist is:

Land Of Ill Earthquakes - Amy's Song
The Lil' Hospital - I'm A Little Hospital
Confetti - Yes Please!
Poison Control Center - All Summer Long
Rocket Punch - pink cashmere
Eux Autres - Other Girls
Hello Seahorse! - Lost Cause Heart (acoustic)
Hefner - Hello kitten
The Motifs - Jour Defete
Kisswhistle - Let's be together today
Zipper - Un buen chaparron
Amy Linton & Stewart Anderson - The Lights Are Out
The Toothaches - Kiss Me Sweetly
Bmx Bandits – Taste
The Lucksmiths - Off With His Cardigan
The Specific Heats - Are You For Real Mehgan O'Neill
Loch Ness Mouse - My Cat & Me
Red Sleeping Beauty - It Happens
The Steinbecks - How near or how far
Tullycraft - If You Take Away The Make-Up
Colin Clary - 8 Kisses
Strawberry Fair - Why Won't He Answer
Kissing book - Sad City
A Smile and a Ribbon - One-night wonder

You can download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it!


Marianthi said...

Awesome blog name, awesome podcast, awesome Camila!

alex said...

i love your accent!! i just know i'm going to love this - i will have to resist the temptation to break out in handclaps on the train as i'm listening to it :)

Sherri L said...

brilliant, love the hand claps.
thanks for bringing some cheer to my dull day at work.

magicmarker said...

more hand claps!

nice work.

Robin said...

This was a lot of fun to listen to. And now I finally am convinced I need to pick up some Specific Heats music NOW.

Edu said...

If anyone is interested I've splitted the podcast to songs and tagged de idv3 tag.

I'll post the gigasize link if anyone is interested :)

Awesome podcast :)

L said...


That would be great if you can post the gigasize link, if it's still active. Thanks, and thanks for the popcast, Camila.